Prairie Park Flood Info
Prairie Park Flood Info
Please find updated information below about what is happening at our Prairie Park Senior Property.
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Latest Update (October 4 - 9pm) 

Heating and air conditioning:

We are happy to let you know that the heating and air conditioning systems are working! The contractors who are still working in the building, are calibrating the system, and eliminating the air in the lines that will help air circulate more effectively. While this is happening, you may notice that the air flow will vary, but rest assured, it is working. You may notice these fluctuations while they are testing thorough out the day. The contractors have requested that each resident please set their thermostats to a comfortable temperature to get the air moving through their apartment. This will allow them to work through any additional air bubbles in the lines while they are still testing today.

We will be applying credits to each account for the absence of heat and air conditioning from the date the city allowed re-occupancy. We are working through these processes today and will have those completed as soon as possible. Once these are complete, we will print resident statements and deliver to your apartment with new balances reflected after the credit is applied.


We have received approval to move forward with the replacement of the panel for the intercom system. The contractor has received the paperwork they need to get the parts ordered today, and they expect to receive them and complete the installation no later than October 12th.

Previous Updates

October 4 - 9pm

Heat and Air Conditioning:

The contractors have made progress and are wrapping up the final install of the control panels today. They will begin testing to remove air from the system. If everything goes well, heat and air conditioning will be on and working tomorrow.

Once the systems are confirmed operational, we will count the number of days with no heat/no air and provide a credit for a percentage of each day that there was no heat or air conditioning in your home. We will provide a credit to each account and deliver a statement to each of you showing the credit applied.

Intercom System:

We have received the final scope and estimate for the intercom system repairs and are processing it for final approval. We expect to have an installation date as soon as the contract approval is complete. It has been determined we will have to replace the entire panel to restore the system, and those parts are coming from California. We have requested expedited shipping and immediate installation from the contractor. When we have a definite install date, we will post an update for the intercom.

October 2 - 5.30pm

Heating and Air Conditioning:

Materials for the circulating pumps are still in production. We have a confirmation from the contractor that they will be ready and installed on Friday of this week. We are pushing them to deliver sooner.


The elevator was serviced today and we found a loose wire connected to the button for the 3rd floor. It has been repaired and we will continue to monitor the elevator performance to ensure smooth operation.


We had a representative investigate the problems with the intercom system today and we will receive a scope of work and timeline to repair the system by tomorrow morning. An additional vendor will be out to provide their assessment as well so that we can make the best decision for the intercom repairs. More information will come as we get additional details on the repairs needed to bring the system on line.

October 1 - 7:30pm

Heating and Air Conditioning:

After completing the installation of the new circulating pumps, the contractor had to fabricate some additional connections for the piping to adapt the new pumps to the existing equipment. We have been attempting to get updates on the status and have not received a commitment of anticipated installation at the time of this post. We will continue to press for this information and provide additional updates to the website as soon as we learn more. 


The elevator company who rebuilt the elevator was contacted to service the elevator. The elevator has been tested and it appears to be an issue with the button for the 3rd floor that is not properly depressing. We have been advised that it is not happening every time the button is pressed, so please keep trying if you are attempting to get to the 3rd floor. The elevator company should arrive soon to investigate and correct the issue. 


A representative from the alarm company will be by this evening to troubleshoot the intercom panel and advise if the malfunction is related to the electrical work re-build, flood damage, or if it is software related. Once we have been advised how to correct, we can provide additional information for you on timeline and what you can expect. 

September 27 - 5pm

Dear Residents -

Over the past several weeks, we focused on completing the repairs required to allow you to return to your homes, while simultaneously working through contracts and negotiations for the remaining work.

As of today, we have received updated scopes of work and contracts to finish the remaining work in the garage, to rebuild the storage units, and to complete the restoration of the elevator, lobbies and stairwells. We are in review with our insurance carrier to get these approved as quickly as possible.

Please find below and update on the work that remains within the building:

Air Conditioning and Heating System:

We have executed a contract for the heat and air conditioning system which is our highest priority at this time. Major components of the heat and air conditioning system are in place and contractors are working to make connections and calibrations to get them online right away. We are expecting this to be completed by Friday, September 28th, however the system cannot be tested until the connections are complete. We hope there will be no additional concerns but have contractors on standby to ensure any last-minute corrections are made right away. We expect to have this system online before the onset of cooler temperatures this weekend.


As we are receiving final invoicing of the rebuild of the 1st elevator car this week, we have been able to present the options for proceeding with the 2nd car to our insurance adjustor for review. We have decided to rebuild the 2nd car in the same manner as the first car based on the timeline for availability of the parts and materials. Proceeding with the rebuild will restore the elevator between 6-8 weeks faster than replacing the entire car. That said, this contract is expected to be executed by the close of business on Friday, September 28th, which will provide a timeline for completion within 2 weeks.

Garage Access:

The garage is expected to remain a construction zone for several more weeks, however we have been able to get the automatic door openers back in service and have been able to section of 20 spaces in the garage for resident parking and will continue to open more as restoration work is being completed area by area.

Drywall, Stairwells and Elevator Lobby:

The updated scopes for restoring the elevator lobbies, stairwells and storage areas were much different than the original estimates received in the weeks after the flooding and have required some additional time negotiating to get the correct work under contract. We are finalizing those scopes with the assistance of our building consultant and expect to be able to provide a final contract to the insurance company for approval this week.

Temporary Housing Expense Claim Form:

These forms are still available in the managers office. Residents can submit these claims forms directly to or they can be delivered to the Property Manager who will ensure they are scanned and submitted to Ms. Davis. The forms are being processed in the order they are received. If you have not yet submitted a claim for temporary housing expenses, please visit the office soon.

Next Steps:

We know that there is a lot of concern about what happens next time or if there is potential for future incidents of this nature. Our first priority has been to get the restoration completed and get you back in your homes. Our second priority is to restore the building to normal.

As a next step, we will retain an engineering firm to evaluate the drainage and runoff patterns from the property, and a review of the city water drainage system and its current ability to move water away from the surrounding areas under stress situations. We will review all of the data and confer with the city on upgrades they may need to make together with any changes we need to make to ensure we prevent - as much as possible - this type of water intrusion from happening in the future.

The firm we are retaining will analyze the property conditions and surrounding construction from the time the property was built and changes in the neighborhood and drainage infrastructure over time to identify specific recommendations to support our efforts.

We understand you are ready to get your lives back to normal and put this disruption behind you. We continue to work diligently to ensure that we get this work completed as quickly as possible.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your loved ones. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are committed to complete all work in a superior manner to restore the building operations to normal.

September 22 - 9:35am

We have now received approval to re-occupy the second and third floor units effective immediately. Anyone still displaced is welcome to return at any time. 

The office will be open today from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for anyone who has any issues accessing the building. 

Several team members are working through our contact list to notify each resident over the phone or via text/e-mail.  

September 20 - 3pm

The elevator is now powered up and moves from floor to floor. Unfortunately, the control panel that was replaced inside the car appears to be incompatible with the system. While it will move from floor to floor, it will not move to the correct floor or respond to the call button from the basement. It will call to other floors, but when selecting a different floor from inside the car, it won’t respond. As a result, the elevator inspector will not inspect or pass an inspection. 

A replacement panel was ordered today and is being shipped to the property for installation as quickly as possible. It is expected tomorrow morning. As soon as proper operation is confirmed, the elevator inspector has indicated he will be ‘on standby’ to come and inspect.  

We know this is a frustrating setback, and we apologize for the additional delay.  

September 18 - 6:15pm

The elevator contractor has encountered an unforeseen setback on the elevator repairs. Once the electricity was connected to the control panels today, they found a motor that was not functioning. This motor will have to be replaced and has caused a delay in restoring the delevator. We are searching for a replacement motor that can be immediately available and installed as quickly as possible. We are hopeful to have a specific timeline this evening or first thing in the morning once the availability and logistics have been worked out. We will do everything we can to include driving or flying the parts in to get this working as soon as humanly possible for you. We understand your frustrations. Please accept our sincere apologies, we are working as quickly as possible to get you back into your homes.

September 17 - 7.40pm

Fire Panels: These were tested and 100% functional this afternoon and the City has terminated the fire watch. The building is now operating on the fire panels for emergency services.   

Elevators: The Elevator contractor is making good progress on the completion of elevator #1. While installing today, they identified two additional parts needed that were ordered and shipped overnight to the property. The parts will be installed immediately when received tomorrow which will allow the contractor to call the city for a final inspection for clearance. As soon as we receive clearance, we expect to have authorization to occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors. 

Chillers: Two circulating pumps are expected to arrive on site on Thursday and the contractor for the HVAC system is expected to start immediate installation to get the air conditioning system fully operational. These are large pumps and will take a little time to get in place and installed, but the contractor has been preparing the spaces for them and is ready to start installation as soon as they are on site. New control panels are in the process of being installed this week. Once the pumps and panels have been completed we should be able to start up the system.   

Temporary Housing Expense Claim Form:  You can find the claim form to document temporary housing expenses by clicking here. Residents can submit these claims directly to, or through the property manager’s office on site. Angela will coordinate the gathering and submission of all claim forms for reimbursement. 

September 13 - 1:10pm

We have received formal approval from the City of Madison to re-occupy first floor units effective immediately. We have placed the building on fire watch until testing of the fire panels has been completed. In order to make this process most effective, we ask that residents returning to their first-floor homes today check in with the office to alert us of your return.

The city has not provided approval for upper floors to return at this point. The request for reconsideration of this decision has been denied. We understand that the city’s concern for the safety of our residents and of emergency responders led to this decision. We continue to pursue the completion of the elevator work as quickly as possible. This work is still scheduled for completion on September 18th, and we are pushing for sooner.

September 12 - 4pm

We have received confirmation that the building has passed the inspection by the city for the electrical work. The electric company is on site and working to get meter faces installed to connect service to individual units. This installation is expected to take more time than originally predicted, and we now anticipate the completion of this installation and test tomorrow morning, and final authorization to occupy shortly after.

We will continue to keep you posted as new information is available.

September 12 - 2.10pm


Final inspections are being conducted this afternoon to secure authorization to re-occupy first floor units. We expect to have a final decision from city officials as to whether they will allow occupancy of the second and third floor apartments to anyone who wishes to return without the elevator in service. 


Elevator work is in progress and we expect to have one car up and running by 18 September at the latest.


Our insurance provider has indicated that they will cover reasonable and necessary temporary housing expenses that are above and beyond the per day rent you would have paid during the time you have been displaced. These expenses have to be documented with receipts. We will continue to work with the insurance company to get information on reimbursement instructions, processes and timing. We expect to have this information very soon. Please continue to watch this website for additional details and claim submission forms.

We will need documentation to get these claims submitted, so PLEASE continue to save your receipts.

September 12 - 10:15am

Some good news to share!

Electrical system: As of this morning, our contractor’s portion of the installation of the meter bases has been completed, and the Electric Company is on site connecting the meters at the time of this post. To complete this portion each unit will have to be tested at the breaker panel to ensure proper connection and function. We have several more hours of work to do.

Re-occupation: We are working with the city to coordinate these efforts and hope to get the approval for residents to re-occupy their first floor units throughout the day.

We will keep you posted as we get additional information and the final approval for first floor residents to start moving back in. 

For residents of the 2nd and 3rd floors, we hope to have additional updates this afternoon.

September 10 - 4:20pm


Work continues to bring systems back on line and functioning as quickly as possible. Our efforts to coordinate with the city and various vendors, suppliers and trades experts has continued in the last several days. As we work to get all systems restored we wanted to provide an update to the status of the major systems in the building that will have to be completed in order to restore occupancy.

Here is the status of the repair work as we know it today:

  • Electrical and fire safety: Contractors are working to install new central electrical components and fire safety panels. We have experienced some minor delays with materials and labor that are now estimating completion on September 12th, barring any delays with the Electric Company installing the new meter faces. We are coordinating the status of the repairs with the city on a regular basis and do not anticipate any holdup with the electric company or city inspections. This work is currently 55-70% complete.

  • Fire Panels are just over 90% complete and no additional work can be completed until the power has been fully restored to make final connections and test the system. City Fire inspectors are standing by to test the equipment as soon as the electricity is restored.

  • Air-conditioning, heating and hot water: After electrical power has been restored, we need to finalize installation and connection of the hot water heaters, and test their function. Final connections of the piping of the hot water systems is expected to be completed today, and testing will take place when electricity is restored. Boiler components have been ordered and are expected to arrive on Thursday allowing the restoration of heat to the building. Installation is expected to take 1-2 days to complete. Re-occupancy will not be held up because of this work, and we are hopeful that weather conditions will not require the boiler system until after the installation has been finalized.

  • Elevators: Our greatest timing challenge at this point continues to be the elevators. We have contracted with a vendor who has provided additional options to expedite the work which could take between 1-4 weeks to bring one car online. This work started this past weekend, and we have asked the vendor to focus on bringing one car online first to expedite the ability to operate and access the 2nd and 3rd floor units. Our best timeline for the completion of the first elevator is between September 17th and September 27th.

We have received a commitment from the City that we may re-occupy the first-floor units of the building as soon as the power and fire systems are restored which is still targeted for this week.

The city will only allow re-occupancy to the residents of the 2nd and 3rd floors when at least one elevator car is in service and operating on all levels. We continue to communicate, working together to find a way to get you all back into your homes as soon as possible. We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of this request as we learn additional information.

We thank you so much for your understanding as we work through these difficult issues.

September 7 - 9.50pm

The Prairie Park Senior office will be open tomorrow (Saturday, 8 Sept.) from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

We will provide escorts to apartment homes from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm for those who need to retrieve essential items from their homes.

Contractors will continue to work through the weekend to restore the power. Because they will have to shut down generators to connect new power supplies, access to the property will be limited.

September 5 - 9pm 

The flood destroyed critical components of the major systems in the building. In the days since the flooding, we have removed the damaged equipment. We have also worked to dry out the building and hold down humidity levels in the rest of the building. The cleanup portion of our recovery is almost complete.

While the demolition and cleanup work was ongoing, we simultaneously contacted multiple contractors, suppliers, vendors, logistical experts, and other tradespeople, striving to bring our systems back online and functioning as quickly as possible. Here is the status of the repair work as we know it today:

  • Electrical and fire safety: Right now, contractors are working to install entirely new central electrical components and fire safety panels. We are pressing them to complete that work by this weekend, although they are pushing back and asking for more time. We have alerted the city of our hoped-for completion date for this work, urging them to be ready to inspect it immediately after it is finished. Once the city has blessed the completed electrical and fire safety work, electrical power for lighting and appliances will be restored throughout the building.

  • Air-conditioning, heating and hot water: After electrical power has been restored, we need to complete the replacement of major components of our elevator systems, heating and air-conditioning system, and hot water systems. We anticipate that hot water service will be restored faster, since new hot water heaters are available more quickly than the highly specialized components required for the other systems. Some of the components for these systems have to be custom crafted for the spaces in which they must fit. We can offer no definitive timeline for the restoration of the services, but we are working hard every hour to expedite delivery and installation of dozens of components. Our best estimate at this point is that hot water should be restored by early next week. We hope to have air-conditioning functioning sometime during the following week but will not be able to offer a more definitive start date until our contractor is able to identify the fastest supplier of some major parts. We do not have an estimate yet for completion of repairs to the heating system, but hope to give you an update soon.

  • Elevators: Our greatest timing challenge at this point appears to be the elevators. The fastest completion date offered by the three vendors who have quoted the job for us so far is 4 to 6 weeks. We are expecting another opinion from a fourth vendor tomorrow and are hopeful it will promise a much faster completion. Meanwhile, we are exploring the possibility of installing chairlifts in the staircases as a means of getting residents with mobility challenges to and from the upper floors.

We don't know when in this repair process you will be allowed by the city to reoccupy your apartments; we are hoping for early next week or sooner if all items align. We are not entirely sure if the city will allow occupancy - by at least ground-floor residents and anyone willing and able to navigate stairs - as soon as the electrical and fire safety systems have passed inspection, or if the city requires that some form of elevator service is restored. We are in frequent communication with them, working together to find a way to get you all back into your homes as soon as possible. We will report any updated information to you as soon as we have it.

In addition, all of the refrigerators in the building are being cleaned and sanitized before this weekend.

We thank you so much for your understanding as we work through these difficult issues.

September 4 - 8.25am

Normal office hours resume today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We have secured assistance to allow escorted resident access to their homes to pick up emergency supplies from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day this week. We thank you in advance for your patience if unforeseen complications with the temporary power delay or cancel any access.  

August 31 - 6.30pm

Expanded Office Hours

The property will be open this weekend with limited access at the following times:

Saturday – 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sunday –  2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Team members will be available to distribute checks and care packages during these times, but access to the units will not be available to allow contractors to work on restoring power to the common halls and stairwells

August 31 - 4.10pm

We have received a preliminary indication that our insurance company is likely to cover reasonable temporary housing expenses for residents. We will continue to keep you posted as we push to get a final decision and identify the process. In the meantime, please continue to save your receipts.  

August 31 - 2.15pm

We were able to restore temporary power this morning to the building with the use of our generators, however, we had an unexpected complication with one of the generators going down this morning.  

We have since been able to restore partial power to the building with lighting in the stairways and common hallways. We have no lighting in the lobby, kitchen or office areas. 

Understanding that many residents need access to their homes to retrieve additional supplies, and medications or medical equipment, we have been able to temporarily restore lighting to the stairways and common hallways.  

The office will be open until 5:00 pm today for residents to access their units to collect items for their immediate needs barring any additional power interruptions with the generators.   

Please note that the generators in use are not sufficient to operate the elevators, or power to each of the apartment homes. For those on upper floors, the only access is through the stairways. We have coordinated additional help to the property today to assist in escorting residents to and from their units, and will also offer staff to retrieve items for residents from upper floors should that assistance be necessary.  

August 30  - 9am

Our team will be available at the Prairie Park Senior property today from 9am until 5pm to help with y questions and requests. We will continue to hand out the $500 checks to our residents that have not received it.  

August 30 - 4pm

Our team was able to get partial power up and running to the lobby and kitchen areas with the use of a generator. We will be available during normal business hours in the kitchen area, which we set up as a temporary office space.  

The initial cleanup efforts to remove excess mud and silt will be fully completed this afternoon, and the garage areas have been cleared enough to allow access through the main drive path. Residents with vehicles in the garage can coordinate with their insurance companies and tow companies to have those vehicles evaluated and removed.   

If you want to access to the garage, please check in with the associates in the kitchen prior to entering the garage space. Access to the garage spaces will be available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

August 30 - 9.35am

As we continue to complete the work needed to get all residents back in their homes, we recognize we are quickly approaching the 1st of the month and many will have questions regarding the rent payments that would typically be due at this time. As we previously communicated, residents will not be charged rent for the days that they are not able to occupy their apartment home. Rent payments for September are not due until residents are able to return. No resident will be charged for rent for any of the days of August or September when they were not able to occupy their homes. September rents will be based on the number of actual days that the residents are able to occupy their homes, less the credit from any August rent for the days that the property was not accessible.

August 30 - 9am

We will be unable to provide access to individual resident homes for retrieval of any personal belongings or supplies today. Our service partners are working diligently to get lighting restored to common hallways and stairwells in order to be able to provide limited access. Please monitor information posted to this site. We are expecting to be able to provide a timeline for access and an update on progress soon. 

August 30 - 8.20am

Prairie Park Senior representatives will be on the front porch of the property from 9am until 5pm today. They will be able to help with any questions and are handing out the $500 checks. Tours remain suspended for now. 

August 29 - 7.25 pm

Prairie Park Senior representatives will be on the front porch of the property tomorrow as of 9 am to help with any questions. 

August 29 - 4.25pm

Unfortunately, we have to suspend all resident tours today. We will resume tours tomorrow.

August 29 - 12.40pm

We are currently working with the insurance carrier of Prairie Park Senior to confirm coverage of our residents’ out-of-pocket costs due to the flood. We will keep our residents updated on any progress of our negotiations or when we have confirmation of coverage. In the meantime, we urge you to please keep your receipts for all out-of-pocket expenses that you incur because of the flood.

August 29 (11am)

Residents can pick up the $500 donation. Disbursement will begin to lease holders at 1pm on the front porch of the Prairie Park Senior property. Because we are obliged to track who we are giving the checks to, lease holders will have to sign a mandatory release form to receive the check. 

August 29 (8am)

Prairie Park is suspending resident morning tours today to allow the general contractor to do follow up work since the weather has improved in Madison.

Resident tours will resume at 1pm.

August 28

Letter to our residents:

Dear Prairie Park Resident: 

As a result of the record rainfall in Madison, WI, Prairie Park Senior Apartments experienced significant flooding in the garage areas of the building. Due to this flood, the property could not immediately be restored to normal conditions without substantial impact to the residents remaining on the property.

On August 22nd, the city of Madison forced an emergency evacuation of the community. Prairie Park and Greystone Property Management representatives have since been working with the city to expedite and restore the operations of the property as soon as possible. Because of the involvement of multiple contractors, insurance adjusters and city officials, we have not been able to finalize all plans to be able to identify a specific re-opening timeline. We will inform all residents of the ongoing repairs and communicate a timeline for re-occupancy of your apartment home. 

The mission of Harmony Housing, the ownership entity of Prairie Park, is to provide safe, clean affordable housing for residents, and our first priority is to ensure the immediate comfort for those affected by this temporary displacement. 

To that end, Harmony Housing, together with Greystone Property Management, will provide rental account credits for the prorate of days that each household will be displaced from their home. In addition, Harmony Housing will provide a $500.00 check for each household to help with further recovery. Greystone Property Management will also provide care packages with basic necessities in the coming days to assist affected residents at this difficult time. 

Should you have any questions or concerns,  we invite you to first visit the website that has been established to assist with this emergency situation; in order to get the most up to date information available on repairs, re-occupancy dates, insurance information, contacts and hours. If you are unable to get your questions answered via this website please contact the corporate management office of Greystone Property Management Corporation at 317-594-0204. 

We care greatly about the wellbeing of our residents and sincerely hope to have you back into your homes as soon as possible. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as we work through the repairs. 


April Hardin
Regional Vice President - Greystone Property Management Corporation


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